How my creative life will never be the same post baby - a poop story

Or otherwise titled:

Little H's Halo Headband revenge.
The ultimate 'sanitize setting' washing machine test.

This could get long so grab a cup of coffee and come back......I'll wait......

so the other day I put little H down for her nap. She went to sleep
without a fuss so I got down to being productive. I'd gotten everything
ready before hand.
I set about making something to go with the tutu that's coming. Cause if I'm going to get crazy, I might as well get really crazy....know what I mean?

crafting session is ultimately cut short by the sounds of
'dadadadadadadadada' coming over the baby monitor. She was awake and
happy. Yay! I put down what I was doing and went up to get her.

second I opened the door I could smell it. Poop. It comes with the baby
territory so normally I'm not surprised, but this was gawdawful. Bad.
Bad, bad, bad smell. Like she pooped, then went to sleep for an hour stewing in it.

pick her up and can feel wet ON HER BACK. Not her bum, where any
wetness should reside. It was up from that. I carry her into the
bathroom and hold her in front of the mirror. There it was, poop
leaking through her sleep sack.
That's at least two layers of flannel. There were a few spots but it
didn't look bad. I knew however from the smell that it had to be worse
than what I could see. I start running the tub.

Here's where it gets bad, if you're queasy turn back now.

crack open that sleep sack and my jaw dropped open, then quickly shut
again to stop the gag reflex from kicking in. There was liquid poop all
up the front of her belly, all down her legs to her feet, all up her
back. I mean, there was poop EVERYWHERE. The white areas of her sack
were no longer white.

Little H giggles because she likes the bubbles in the bath that was filling up.

lay her down on the bathroom floor to peel the nasty sack and jammies
off her. She starts screaming and freaking out. I don't know why, she
just hates being made to lie down I guess. So there's no time to go
over her with wipes. She's flailing and rolling and I can't allow the
poop to get flung so into the tub she goes as is. Now there is poop
floating in the water. GROSS.

Drain the tub.
refill the tub.
try to clean her .
Drain the tub again. Towel her off (she hates it) Dress her (she hates it)
Plunk her in the highchair with a cookie. (she likes it).
Scrub the tub like it's never been scrubbed before.
Wipe brow.

Arctic BE1200A+, a budget model with 6 kg load / LCD indicator / 1200 RPMTest
sanitize feature of new HE front loading washer. We debated over
getting the one without was cheaper. Thank God we spent
the extra hundred bucks.
Sleep sack comes out pristine and poop free!

Wait for hubby to come home and pass baby off. Tell him to order Chinese food.
back to unfinished craft and think about how I'll never be able to
finish anything in one sitting ever again. Be ok with that :) She's my
poop makin' angel.

This kid is going to freak when I show her
future boyfriends pictures of her in the Halo Headband I made. I loved
it so much I decided to set up an Etsy shop to see if there is a market for them. Go here to check it out and see the aforementioned blackmail pictures.


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