How to Nab a Handsome Stranger on the Subway

A friend told me the other day that she met several of the men she had dated, on the subway. I thought about my subway rides: People looking adoringly at their smart phones, reading their newspapers, or staring vacantly into space. I wondered how she could be so lucky. Then the more she spoke about it, the more I realized that it wasn’t luck at all. She saw a narrow window of opportunity and she took it.

“If I thought a guy was interesting looking,” she told me, “and if he looked at me for more than five seconds I would talk to him, start by asking him how his day was going, that kind of thing.”

She said that one time she was reading a book, and a man kept looking at her red John Fleuvog shoes, then back at her. This went on for several seconds. “Just before I got out at my stop,” she said, “I wrote my phone number in the book I was reading and handed it to him. The next week we went to see an art exhibit together.”

Context is deceptive. If we don’t think something should happen in the place where we are, if we feel it’s not the right time, many of us won’t do it. Yet as business owners we really have no choice but to think outside the box and make shit happen. Even if it doesn’t always feel comfortable to us. Yes, sometimes the timing just isn’t right and that’s okay. But there are other times when our perception of how things ought to be needs to get cracked open to let some light and possibility in.

So tell me, how could you be more brash in your daily work routine? How could you stir things up in a way that would benefit your business and make it grow and evolve the way you want it to–in the way that you know it bloody well should?

Like chatting up a handsome stranger on the subway, maybe your business could benefit from a little flirtation with newness. A welcome twist to your everyday routine.


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