How to Negotiate with Success

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Do you struggle with negotiating? I know I certainly have. In this article you can learn in-depth about how you can negotiate better than 99% of people. Excellent and detailed look at the negotiating process with plenty of real-life humor thrown in.

One of the reasons Americans loved Saturn cars was the “no-haggle” policy — which, to an Indian, is code for “let’s charge these suckers more because they’re afraid of negotiating.”

Have you ever seen one of your friends try to negotiate? It’s so sad it makes me want to cry. Imagine the most timid person getting the courage up to finally ask for something.

Timid weirdo: “Excuse me sir…do you think you might possibly maybe somehow discuss the salary with me? I am thinking –”

Hiring manager: “I’m sorry, it’s a set salary.”

Timid weirdo: “Okay” (head down, internally saying “I shouldn’t have even bothered”)

There is another way.

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