How Nepal Changed me

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I have been fortunate to travel my entire life but it took almost forty years for me to realize that  travel is a gift and that something must be returned in exchange.  My visit to the magical kingdom of Nepal changed my life forever and has encouraged me to take new risks and finally fulfill my lifelong dreams of international volunteerism and advocacy.  Please read this post and you will be inspired to make a difference yourself.  My trip proved that anyone can change the world.  It just takes courage, passion and commitment to making the world a better place!  Since I began this blog, I have seen my life change with new opportunities to continue to give back and promote changes.  Recently I was invited to attend the UN Foundation's Shot@Life Summit where I was trained along with 45 other citizens to help raise awareness and funds to provide global vaccines to poor countries.  It goes to show that someone, even a stay at home mom, can fight back and make a difference!