How Netflix Changed The Emmys

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Netflix is a game changer.

It had to be to change this die-hard Blockbuster fan girl into a Netflix addict. (I wasn’t convinced at first. Requesting a DVD and waiting two days before you get it in the mail versus going to Blockbuster and watching it that night. Seemed backwards. It wasn’t until the selection on instant grew that I was sold.) Netflix is doing what cable television did not so long ago, make broadcast television nervous. This time, cable is looking out also. House of Cards and Arrested Development are both nominated for Emmys this year. This is the first time a television show that has never actually been broadcasted has been nominated. Why is this so important? More challengers mean everyone must step up their game.

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In the big categories of Best Drama and Best Comedy, broadcast is only nominated in Comedy. (30 Rock, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory) So with this new kid in town, can broadcast keep up and produce quality shows or will cable and Netflix push it out? They’ve already been pushed out of the Drama category. (I’m not considering PBS in this case. That’s a whole other topic.) Cable channels aren’t so worried yet, they clearly dominate, but will they feel the same if say next year a YouTube series is nominated? The idea that the shows that you watch at home on your flat screen are the ones that are nominated has been shattered. Now the show that you watch at work on your lunch break on your iPad can be the series that has the most Academy praise.

That being said, I look forward to this change in television scene. Ever since the internet and video streaming, people have been guessing what’s next for TV. Is TV going to die? Is this the end of ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX? I don’t know. What I do know is that if they don’t die, broadcast will look a whole lot different.


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