How Not To Be With an Alpha Female

10. Be a Beta male. I can smell you coming a mile away. The man who is passive and insecure sends me packing. You have to be strong enough in your own right to express your needs and to call me on my BS. I appreciate a man who knows things, who has experienced things, not someone who is a spectator in life.

9. Be married or in a relationship. Just because I am single and the goddess of my sexual universe does NOT mean I will fulfill any of your lacking needs. If you are going to commit to someone then you might want to commit to keeping that part of your relationship fresh. Do not text me when your woman is not around. If you text me it better be something relevant and she better know about it. You forget, I am a woman and I do not betray my pack.

8. Compete with me. I love and adore a man with his own passions and career. I love myself for having the same. I will look to you as an expert in your field and you can pay me the same respect.

7. Not romance me. Sexting is not romance. Again, just because I am sexually confident it does not mean I do not deserve to be romanced. Romance equals thoughtfulness (remembering to text good morning, calling before bed, weekend getaways, making plans, remembering my favorite ice cream, etc). If you can’t make an effort, you are not that in to me and you will not be IN me either.

6. Tell me about how you’ve been hurt before. I do not care. We have all been hurt before and it’s called “so what!” I have no interest in making up for the deficits of your past relationship and I will not expect you to do so either. I have zero desire to melt the iceberg that was formerly your heart.

5. Sleep with other women while you are sleeping with me. Yes, I realize we are adults, however you must also realize I am an Alpha too, which means I LEAD the pack. I am not one of the pack. Besides, sexual irresponsibility and promiscuity is such a turn-off.

4. Not be sexually confident or attentive to me. Do not be intimidated when I want to add BOB to the mix or if I actually enjoy having sex. Also, I do not want to always be in charge in the bedroom. If you are fortunate enough to have this opportunity with me, you will know what I’m talking about. I want to know what you like too and it will be my pleasure (within reason) to make you happy.

3. Not make plans. I am a busy woman. You’re a busy man. Although I sometimes like spontaneity, assuming I will always be around at the last minute when YOU are available is a lot like treating me as a doormat.

2. Tell me what I can’t do. Any man who says “I don’t like you to scuba dive” or who calls me a million times when I am out with my friends is a no-go. I may come up with some pretty wild ideas about things I want to do. All you need to say is “go for it”. Whether I actually do them is another topic, but you have no right to limit my options. I have no right to limit yours.

1. Make me a low priority . If you text, tweet or email while we are together, I will assume that you are also comfortable with the idea of having YouPorn and some lube as your companion. I may go to the bathroom and never come back. I am a prize, I am not on sale and if you don’t recognize and celebrate the fabulous woman in front of you, then you lose out. I would never disrespect any man like that. If I am with you, it means I celebrate you and want to be fascinated with what you bring to the table. And although BOB is great, it is not you and you are what I want.

The Benefits?

As an Alpha, I am fiercely loving and loyal. I am an equal partner and you will never feel like you are carrying the load in the relationship. We are compliments to each other (Yin/Yang). You will never have a dull moment but that does not mean it will be drama filled either. Adventures, fun and creativity abound. Nurturing--yes, feminine--yes, strong--yes, secure--yes.

Some Alpha men may love a woman who has nothing to offer in the intelligence department and who they can actually hear blink (think cartoon babies). You can keep on walking past me then…That said, I do have amazing eye mojo and the more you bring to the table, the more my eyes will zero in.

It is said, it takes one to know one. Alpha/Alpha relationships are challenging but boring doesn’t last a lifetime, does it? Think about the Obamas, Bill and Melinda Gates, Beyonce and Jay-Z... I seriously doubt any of those women would have settled for a Beta male nor would they settle for some guy who doesn't call, make plans or who's main method of communication is sexting. It all depends on what you are looking for, doesn’t it?

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