How often do you try new recipes?

When I was growing up my mother made the same dishes over and over again. Of course, we were a routine meat and potatoes household by which I mean we had potatoes, a vegetable, and some form of broiled meat almost every day. My step-father did not like rice, pasta, salad or pretty much anything that wasn't meat and potatoes (fish counted as a meat in our house). I didn't even discover chips and salsa until I was in my teens and visiting one of my sisters at her apartment. (It was a revelation and I ate nachos at least twice a week when I moved into my own apartment.)

I find new recipes fascinating. I like to use food in new ways. I like to try foods that I've never tried before, something that shocks my mother as I was a fairly picky eater as a child. (I still do not like turnip and you can't make me eat it.)

The new recipes that my mother did try were usually for baked goods. These were not so exciting to me as I don't have much of a sweet tooth. (Yeah, my mother doesn't understand that either.)

We try new recipes pretty often and my meal plans usually have about one new recipe a week in them. There are some weeks when we try several new recipes. Sometimes it's something as simple a new marinade, other times it's a whole meal of new recipes. Maybe we've been lucky but we are mostly pleased with the results.

How often do you try new recipes?

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