How Our Thoughts Affect Our Life

How we think affects how and why we act a certain way.  How we think affects our health.  Acknowledge your feelings (that you are entitled to) and realize that any negative feelings will come to pass and tomorrow is another day.  Learn to be flexible and realize what is really important in your life.  If plan A doesn't work out, so what, so on to plan B.  Positive, optimistic people have better overall health and so can you, just by how you think. 

Stress takes so much energy from us because our body is in a constant state of "fight or flight" response.  Being in this state causes our bodies to be fatigued and unhealthy, creating illness.  If something stressful happens in your day change the tone of the day and reward yourself with a healthy meal or an extra long walk.  Maybe in math two negatives equals a positive, but not in a healthy lifestyle.  Don't dwell on your mistakes.  Learn to forgive yourself and move on.  Turn a dark day into a bright one by looking at things differently.  When someone or something angers you, develop a more productive response to the situation.  Turn your feeling around from negative and self-defeating to positive solutions for your better health. How? Just change how you are thinking.  When you start to hear those negative voices in your head, just stop and change your thought pattern.  When you feel your stress rising, take a few deep breaths and try to calm your mind and body. 

So the next time you feel that you can't take any more, stop and start saying positive affirmations like;  I am calm, patient and can handle anything that comes my way, I am happy, vibrant and at peace with myself, I am confident, loving towards myself and others that are around me, I am smart and my life is good.  Say whatever makes you feel better and keeps you enjoying life, strong and healthy.



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