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As a writer, I often have people offer me jobs to write their articles and/or blogs for them. The assignments always vary. I never know from day to day what I will be asked to write. On occasion, I turn the proposed project down, but usually I see the request as a challenge. So yesterday, when I was asked to write a blog on "Penis Enlargement", I had two options. One, I could say "no thank you, that is not for me." Two, I could take a risk and see how far I could push my writing skills. Although this is certainly not something I would normally write about, I saw it as a challenge. It did immensely help when the Editor said I was free to make it humorous, and I was allowed to spin it any way I saw fit. One more bonus, my name would not be on it (normally I would like my name attached as the author, but I try to write about things that I would not mind my children seeing).

With a little spring in my step, and butterflies in my stomach, I accepted the challenge and began writing.

Let me say that at first I spent quite a bit of time laughing. You cannot imagine the pictures and articles that come up when you Google "Penis Enlargement." What else was I supposed to do? This was not an issue I had ever needed resolved, and I honestly didn't know where to start. I had no idea that this was such a common desire amongst men. Nor was I aware of all the options there are to achieve this kind of growth. I was utterly amazed.

Somehow through the giggling and the play of words, I completed the assignment. Quite proud of my work and convinced that I would not be pondering penis enlargement anytime in the near future, I headed off to bed. However, for some reason (and no not the reason you are thinking) it stayed with me through the night and into the morning. Although it was not the actual act of enlargement of ones penis that filled my mind, it was more along the lines of how many men desire this type of change. However, it is not just men. Women also want to increase the size of their body parts, more specifically, their breasts. Why is that?

Speaking as a woman who wears a size 32 A bra, I obviously am not big on top. In fact, I can shop in the children's department and fit just fine into everything. Like other women who are smaller on top, I have considered the idea of getting my breasts augmented. I have had several friends who have had it done. Even my mother had the procedure. However, I have never been the one to say "yes, I am going to go and have my boobs done." I have always been reluctant.

So this morning as I was standing in the shower, washing my hair and still pondering all of these enlargements, I started to ask myself why I was hesitant to have my breasts augmented. Was it the fear of having a foreign object in me? Was it the risks that went along with the procedure? And then it occurred to me, I have no idea what those risks are or if my health would be affected. I had spent the previous night combing over the risks and dangerous that come with penis enlargement, but I had no idea what risks came with breast enlargement.

So I started searching for answers and here is what I found.

Breast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery requested in the United States. Obviously, it is successful, and women choose to have it done every day; however, there are several risks associated with having this procedure performed.

  1. Capsular Contracture - This is the hard, tight appearance which gives breasts that unnatural look. Scar tissue develops around the implant causing this. Although there are techniques which can help minimize the risk, this still remains the most common risk amongst augmentations. The risk is believed to be lower in saline implants versus silicon implants, though it can be corrected if capsular contracture does occur. Additional surgery can be performed to remove the scar tissue.
  2. Breastfeeding - This can be a serious consideration for women planning on bearing children in the future. You will want to speak to your surgeon extensively prior to surgery if you are planning on breastfeeding your infants. Many procedures are performed successfully and do not interfere with the woman's ability to breastfeed once the healing is complete. However in rare cases, women have not been able to breastfeed after this surgery.
  3. Cancer Detection - For me, this risk is huge. My personal feelings are that I don't want anything interfering with detection of cancer in my body. There is a small chance that implants will adversely modify the results of a mammogram. They can interfere with the detection of lesions and small tumors. The procedure may need to be altered in order to ensure accuracy, so ensure that you speak to your technician prior to your mammogram.
  4. Numbness - This risk is one that you cannot prevent with any special techniques. It either happens or it doesn't. Currently, 15% of women experience their nipples becoming numb after this surgery. Do not undergo this surgery if the possibility of your nipples becoming numb is not something you can live with.
  5. Leaking/Rupturing - As each year passes the risk of your implants leaking or rupturing increases. If you have silicon in your implants and they rupture, it will result in scarring around the implant. This can cause an unnatural look. If your saline implants leak, your body will absorb the fluid and your breast will appear to have deflated.

All surgeries have associated risks and  each one should be discussed with a medical professional. I am not in any way trying to persuade you one way or another from having this procedure. I do however, feel that if you are considering having your breast augmented, you should be aware of the risks to your health.

Personally, I am over it. Maybe it was the long list of risks that convinced me. Maybe it was not really my thing to begin with. No matter the reason, I just know breast augmentation is not for me. I will say this--even without having surgeries, the health of women's breasts is incredibly important. Make sure you are doing your monthly self examinations. If you are unsure of how to examine yourself, you can find directions at the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Early detection of cancer can truly mean the difference between life and death.

Along this journey these past two days, I have learned a ton regarding enlarging body parts. More importantly I have learned to the risks that need to be considered. As much as I have enjoyed joking around, this is a serious matter, so please, please put your health first.


Carrie Dahle

Writer ~ Day to Day Woman


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