How to protect your kids while they are surfing the Internet.

Couple months ago my co-worker has asked me how old is my son.”He is 6,” I said.“Lucky you, this is a good age. Wait until he will be a teenager. You will have a lot of trouble – school, homework and the Internet.

    I am so worried about the Internet....” Here, I should say I hear this almost  from any parent. Its look like everyone has an issue with kids and the Internet. And my friend is absolutely right-we need to be worry about this. However, should we need to wait until our kids become teenagers?

   I don’t think so and there is my story. I have an average six years-old who doesn’t have any problem to use DVD player, TV and computer. Actually, he does the better job with the remote control compared to me personally,  finding out how every single key performs. His first PC he got for his 5th Birthday, at the time when students began to learn the technology at school, and we've noticed  his interest and progress in this subject.

   Kids starting to learn computer at school with an introduction to educational games and our teacher recommended to continue this task at home. Year ago, on one rainy Sunday, after watching TV for an hour, I asked my child to switch an activity. The TV time is restricted.  ”Mom, can I go to computer to play games?” he asked with an innocent face.”Sure, why not," I said and went upstairs to do something. In five minutes, I heard weird sounds from his computer, and I can tell that this was not belonging to those educational games.

    I decided to spy on my little monster, and found out that my five years-old child was watching TV on computer....Luckily for me he watched PBS Kids channel. “Michael, how did you get  there, why you watching TV?” I asked. “Mom, they said that I can watch a show at" OK, he just turned 5...

   I am not regretting a decision we made to give him a personal computer. This is his future, and technology became a very important part of our lives. However, I didn't expect my son to cheat on the computer that early.

    “It should be a solution for this," I thought and  started to do my research. This is information I found for me and for you, parents, there is software with the Parental Controls. The Parental Controls are meant for parents who want to restrict and/or control the internet usage of their children. I’ve done some research and decided to choose Avira Premium Security Suite.

   This German Antivirus Software company created Avira with parental controls, which allow you  to block internet sites as well as set up a time limit  for your child to surf .It’s practically babysitting your kid  and allowing  you to be a cool parent without  saying  "no" all the time. Is this is what we are looking for?

    In addition for Parental Controls, this antivirus software will protect you against identity theft  attack  while you shop or bank online, stops hackers taking over your computer, eliminates viruses. You will get all-in-one package with Avira, and it’s not easy to find. Most software providing you with one future or another, but not all-in-one. I should add that Avira is one of the most widely used antivirus programs in the world, with more than 100 million users worldwide. The best deal Ifound for you-choose Avira Premium Security Site for three years and get your peace of mind.

To find out more about Avira, please visit website


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