How to Punch Up Your Summer Workplace Lunch

In the same court as the work-life balance is the lesser discussed, but still just as difficult to manage, work-lunch balance. The expectations behind having a great work lunch include being able to leave the office, enjoy a tasty meal out, and come back within a reasonable amount of time.  But the reality is often that between meetings and emails and conferences to attend, the work day often slides straight into lunchtime leaving employees to lunch at their desks in order to continue working and avoid pricey lunches out. One of the biggest problems in doing that is that before long, it gets hard to get creative about making and packing a lunch every day. Here are my four tips on how to turn around the desk lunch so it doesn’t get stale this summer.

1) Shake up your salad!

Skip any heavy dressings (ranches and Caesars) in favor of light vinaigrette or Greek dressing and pack the dressing on the side to keep the salad as fresh and un-wilted as possible before noon arrives. For the salad itself, pack it with as many of your favorite ingredients with some suggestions including tomatoes, red peppers, corn (one of June’s most seasonal vegetables), kalamata olives, or orzo, if you decide to make a pasta salad instead.

2) The perfect dip: an avocado.

Skip a messy salsa dip that can be spilled on the desk in favor of digging into a ripe avocado with some pretzels or baby carrots.

3) Add seasonal fruits to a granola and yogurt pairing.

The month of June is ripe for watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, cherries, blueberries, peaches, and apricots so toss in a few of these fruit favorites into a granola and yogurt mix to give it a little extra flavor. Or, if you decide you want to enjoy as many of these fruits at once, create a fruit salad instead!

4) Bring on the BBQ leftovers!

Mondays are seldom easy days to get back into the swing of things at the workplace in so why not bring a piece of the weekend with you? From leftover barbecue to shish kabobs, these meals will be happily enjoyed post weekend – just remember to bring a napkin with you! 


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