Grocery Tips

I have spent the last week going over old notes and info from earlier days as a SAHM, (some of my grocery receipts from those days are blowing my mind, wow, have things got expensive).  My kids were much younger, the cost of raising a family have grown right along with them but the same principles apply.

I want to share the notes I had taken on Rhonda Barfiels book Feed Your Family for $12 a day.

1.  Set a limit on spending. Give yourself an exact dollar amount to work with. 

2.  Compare Prices.  Create a price list/book comparing the prices from your top stores.  You may have to dedicate a day to do this or you can compare receipts from each trip.

3.  Buy most of your groceries from the cheapest store.

4.  Supplement by shopping at other stores whose weekly specials are outstanding, or use alternative strategies. Loss leaders, Coupons and outlet stores to name a few.

5.  Make a detailed shopping list.  Estimate the total cost and edit, whether adding or deleting items (I priortize, I include items on the list that I will only buy if I can get a great deal, or find on special and I also include  cheaper "substitutes" in case I want to save even more money).

I have great success when I am organized, by that I mean having a meal plan. MENU,MENU,MENU!  It can save you big bucks by planning double duty meals.  One roast, chicken or pack of ground beef for two meals.  I almost always make chicken soup a day or two after roasting a chicken.  Using leftovers can save you a ton of money on lunch items, get creative, there is more to a bag lunch than PB&J. A huge time and money saver is to cook one day a week and have everything prepared, all thats left to do is reheat and/or assemble. Make from scratch as often as possible.  Thanks to the internet, recipes for almost anything can be found.  This is also a healthy alternative, you will know exactly what goes into your mouth.  

Most of these tips you may have heard before, it seems though, everyone has a different spin on things. Take it all in and mash it up to suit your needs :)



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