How the Reebok VentureFlex helped my baby learn to walk


So back in the day – well, about six months ago – when my little man was around eight months old, he started standing while holding the furniture. He would take a few steps while hanging onto the couch. We thought for sure he was going to walk by ten months. But then the ten month marker rolled around, and he really wasn’t that interested in walking. He loved to crawl, he’d walk three or four steps, but nothing more. So, we waited.

Then he turned a year. And still wasn’t all that interested in moving on his feet. He could crawl, man. And that really seemed to be enough for him. I worked with him, of course. I figured that eventually, he’d get the hang of it. Then at the end of October, Reebok sent us a pair of matching tennies. For my little man, they sent the new VentureFlex shoe – a sneaker that’s designed just for kids his age, and comes JUST in sizes 2-10....Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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