How To Remodel a Bathroom for Under $500

Do you have a bathroom in turmoil? I did when my husband and I bought our first house that was a foreclosure. Buying a foreclosed house is honestly the best deal when it's youre first house so you can make a profit for the down payment for your next house, but it's a lot of work. We have had to do a full re-paint very fast, and since we moved in the projects have been coming slowly. Fortunately, I am happy to say that our bathroom is just about finished!! All that is left to do is to put up some curtains and get a prettiershower curtain. Can you believe that our bathroom once looked like this??


The before is just awful to me. It makes me cringe that someone lived in it with the bathroom like this. Well, to each their own I suppose. Being the person that I am, I just could not live in this house with a bathroom like that, so of course, the remodeling began. I’m now happy to say that I love our new bathroom, and it was a change that took less than $500!! The most expensive part was the vanity (about $300) and we used mostly gift cards that we got for Christmas to pay for them!! Can I just say that gettinggift cards is now officially my favorite thing in the world??

It really didn’t take a whole lot of money to get this total transformation people, I can’t stress that enough. Along with the vanity, we bought a roll of vinyl flooring (we will never do vinyl tiles again) for about $70 from Lowes, the lights came from Habitat for Humanity for $15, and the mirror from Marshalls for $30. Along with the vanity, that’s a total of about $415!

Well, there you have it. Our finally finished and 100% usable bathroom is done. I will tell you guys right now, the most annoying part of this room was when we got the floor done and the vanity in, but because we didn’t know what we were doing, couldn’t use the sink for a week. We had no idea what size P-trap to use or how to put it on and it was extremely frustrating. But we HAD to figure it out on our own and it’s now done and functioning. :)

I’m so thankful to a bunch of people who helped us know-nothings with this room. I’m happy that we have at least one room in our house finished. I just think now, 1 room down and 9 to go (that’s including the rooms in the basement). So here you have it, the official before and after of our bathroom that cost less than $500!! Check out the beautiful before/after!

bathroom transformation



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