How safe was I on Bartlett Lake?

As you may have read in my last entry, I spent last Saturday (the solemn day of September 11th) up at Bartlett Lake.  As I described the aftermath of our day, when the Sherrif's Dept. was hovering around the lake in droves, I felt safe.  I knew that the Captain of the boat I was on was respectful of the boating laws, and by the time dusk had hit, we were safely home, sipping on wine in the safety of our own backyards.

Somewhere between sipping on Pinot and this morning, I began to question that sense of security I had on the water, where law enforcement spent their afternoon circling like vulchers.  I don't mean to be harsh here, but in hindsight, I can't help but wonder what their motives were.  After all, as I indicated to you previously, they were at water's edge, yards away from the boat launch.  And now, it's sinking in!

Among the five people I spent my day with boating, none of us ever saw a single sherrif's boat on the water, yet there were six separate sherrif's vehicles on land at every launch.  So, the question is this: Were they concerned about the public's safety on the water, or was it merely a trap to hike up the DUI's for the weekend?? And what about the safety of the fun-sun-goers who packed up their loved ones for a day at the lake?  Might the Sherrif's Dept. have done us a better service to get on a boat or two and comb the lake for infractions? Are my fellow boaters not warranted for the protection of those driving on the road?

I am almost embarrassed for my naivity.  I always thought that the DUI laws were put into place to protect the people.  In this case, I fear it was only a trap to up revenue. And what jurisdiction does Bartlett Lake fall under?  Could this come down to politics alone?

Any thoughts out there on this matter?

In the mean time, check out my website at:, where you can order my new book titled, Water Safe!  Water Smart! Staying alive under five and then some.

Tomorrow, I will be discussing some of this season's drownings, and pinpoint in each scenario, what the culprit was.  Until then, have a beautiful day!

-Linda Brown

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