How to Say "NO"…and Reclaim Your Life

That moment. When you're so stressed that you're yelling at your kids while burning dinner, checking emails on your phone, and barely notice that your husband just walked in the door. Not a great look, right?

When I quit my full-time job after having two kids in less than two years, I knew I was in for a rough road. What I didn't know was that time would become my greatest enemy and that every moment in my life would become a choice. Do I take a shower or answer the email? Do I finish the resume or take my kids outside for 20 minutes? Mail the letter that should have gone out yesterday or return the voicemail from a potential client?

I am often reminded of my dad's sage advice on making decisions as an adult. Gone are the black and white, right and wrong choices. Enter shades of grey. Each choice we make is nuanced, and probably has repercussions in other areas of our lives. 

As a working woman, mom, and even just as an adult, as we get older there are more and more demands on our time. One of the hardest things I've ever had to learn (and realistically, am still learning) is how, when, and what to say to no to.  Here are three guidelines I use to make these kind of "gray" choices and keep my work/life balance in check.


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