How To Shatter Poor Body Image Through Awareness

It’s 7am. You sit blurry eyed on the edge of the bed clicking off your
fog horn phone alarm. You stumble to the bathroom and flip the switch.
Bam…there you are. Your reflection in the mirror. It begins…”wow look
at those hair is horrendous…must stop using pore clogging
moisturizer, look at this zit!…” Undressing to climb in the shower
brings another slew of endless thoughts, “damn I need to hit the gym
look at this cellulite…my butt is way too flat…” After a quick shower
and more ruminating over what to wear…”cant wear those jeans because
they make me look fat”…you flip on MTV while munching on an apple
because you want to wear those jeans you just refused to put on.
Flashes of ads for “The Hills” come on plummeting your self esteem a
few notches…”if only I could be skinny and rich like them..”

Damn! You are running late to catch the train to work. You get to
the station with just enough time to grab the latest celebrity rag mag
before the whistle blows. After spending a half hour reading through
articles covering everything from Lindsay Lohan’s drastic weight drop,
to Oprah’s endless battle with carbs, to detailed outlines of celebs
strict diets and bicep curl routines, you step into the office and are
faced with… a mirror in the entry way. Depressed yet?

No wonder 8 million Americans suffer from eating disorders. 7 million women and 1 million men (the number of men is rising).

As a young woman living and working in the dance/pilates industry I
have seen my fair share of eating disorders, ridiculously low self
esteem, and horrible body image. Obviously there is a huge problem with
how women and men view their bodies in general. Developing the
mind/body connection is the secret to positive change. Here are my
tried and true methods for cultivating stellar body image and boosting
self esteem through awareness.

Cut Negative Self Talk: This means you must become
aware of your thoughts. All you really have to do is listen. When you
look in the mirror become an observer of your rambling mind. What is it
saying? Is it negative/positive? The moment you become aware is the
minute you can change the course of the slippery slope into low self
esteem. Whenever a negative thought floats through the mind, stop it in
it’s tracks and repeat a positive mantra.
Try “I am beautiful, peaceful and I am enough.” Repeat this mantra over
and over. Throughout the day watch the mind and see what you hear. The
amount of self abuse you inflict on yourself daily will surprise you.

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