How To Solve The Missing Sock Scenario: 3 Socks Are Better Than 2

Have your socks ever fallen victim to the Bermuda Triangle of laundry mysteries, the missing sock?

Just why can't those pairs stay together and WHERE exactly do they disappear to?

Well, as a sock lover myself (here is a link to a photo album of over 70 of my favorite pairs - yes, I'm obsessed), I was delighted to come across the charming and innovative idea of writer-director Edwin Heaven, called Throx.

Throx are not only colorful and funky, they solve that sock disappearance problem, because they come in THREES. Yes, that's right, you get THREE socks instead of two. How cool is THAT?

Check out the story of how Heaven's brainchild came to fruition and browse the Throx store.

As a White Stripes fan, I am especially fond of the peppermint swirly pair (ummm...I mean trio).

Throx would make a fantastic gift too! Enjoy!


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