How To Start A Manifestation Practice

Manifesting your desires is a powerful tool that we both love and practice daily. We wake up each morning and set an intention for the day, week, month and, sometimes, even year. 

Just call us Manifesting Mavens. 

But to truly understand manifestation, it has taken a lot of work. You have to work on listening to your inner Angel Wing, feeling, wording, trusting and surrendering. 

No worries, though. We totally have your back with some tips to start your very own manifestation practice and/or to take your current practice a step further!

What do you truly want?

Get real with yourself! Check in. Dig deep. And get ready. 

Is it a new career you want or is it time for you to move on to a new job in the same career? Does this desire fall in line with your core values? Do you want a boyfriend because you are ready to be in a relationship or do you just envy the relationships you see your friends have? Are you ready for what you are asking for? Do you have space to hold what it is you are asking for?

This may required some praying, meditating and journaling but you must dig deep to figure out what it is you really want before sending it out into the Uni-verse. 

Be very specific.

Trying to manifest without a specific intention turns into the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for". You have to be specific. It's a must. If you're too general, you will end up causing a snow storm like Alli did last week.

Think of it like ordering at a restaurant. You don't just sit down at the table and tell your waitress to bring you food. You specifically ask for the spinach salad, no blue cheese, add tomatoes, extra pecans, dressing on the side. 

100% of the time, you get what you ask for. Guess what!? It works when the Uni-verse is your waitress, too!

Envision what you want.

Even better, close your eyes and envision what you want surrounded by white light. Feel the fulfillment of receiving what you asked for. This is Liz's favorite part.

If it's a job you want, feel what it's like to drive to that job, sit in your new office, and collect your new paycheck. 

If it's a new car you can't quite afford just yet, test drive it! Feel the steering wheel I your hands, how it hugs the road, how the leather smells, how the blinker sounds. 

Whatever it is FEEL IT! It'll be yours soon enough anyway!

Write it down and place it in your Manifestation Box. 

Alli has a Paris box and Liz has a Pour La Victoire shoebox. Both boxes fill us with joy. It feels right to put our true desires into something filled with love.

When there is something we truly desire, we wrote it down, specific and intended, and place it in the box. Then it's time to start feeling gratitude for what's on it way. It's kind of like when you buy a fabulous dress online. You put in your order and you wait for shipping. No need to order again and again and again. It's coming!

Leave room for "something better".

We write "or something better" at the end of every manifestation. Here is the thing, when what you want, or think you want, does not work out, it is because something even better is going to happen. Trust us. It will. So make sure to leave room for the something better!


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