How To Stay Fit On Vacation

Staying fit while on vacation can be a daunting task, but with a little determination it CAN be done. You need to go into your vacation with the mind set that you will find a way to work out every day or every other day.  Having a plan will keep you on track and feeling great while you relax and perhaps overindulge. 

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I just got back from a beautiful resort in Cancun called Le Blanc (I highly recommend it!) and I am proud to say I exercised each and every day while I was there. By exercising each morning first thing I actually think I enjoyed the rest of the day more.  After all, chilling at the pool and the beach, as well as jet skiing and partying at the Congo Bongo along with the continuous room and poolside food and beverage service went down a whole lot easier knowing that I burned 500 to a thousand calories before most of the other guests even rolled out of bed.  Plus, the massage I got at the resort’s world class spa felt all that much sweeter because I put my muscles through the wringer.
Here was my workout regimen for the week, you can follow it to the letter or improvise depending on what your vacation has to offer:
Monday (day I arrived): Ran for 1 hour on the beach (Approximately 6miles. Great visuals along the way–Ocean to one side and bikinis to the other!)
Tuesday: A.M.: Ran 4 miles, lifted upper body weights in the gym for 45 minutes; took an Aqua Spin class in the pool and 1-21-2014 Phil Volley ball 2 - Mexicoplayed beach volleyball in the afternoon for 1 hour
Wednesday: A.M.: Ran 2 miles, lifted lower body weights; in the afternoon 1 hour beach volleyball; P.M.: Danced the night away at the Congo Bongo, a world class discotheque in Cancun
Phil & Holly gym- MexicoThursday: A.M.: Ran 5 miles on the treadmill. The scenery was not nearly as good as my beach run, but a staff member DID bring me cucumber water and a towel. What service! I also did abs after my run
Friday: A.M.: Total body workout. Very efficient: 45 minutes doing Mega Circuits (If you don’t know what a Mega Circuit is, just check out the blog I penned last week about Mega Circuits!). In the afternoon I did a jungle tour where I rode a Sea Doo and snorkeled. Active AND fun!
Saturday: Didn’t workout because we got up, packed and traveled back to Maryland. Does moping on the plane count as a workout? Probably not.

So on my vacation I had a blast! I ate a ton (Mostly healthy, save for the waffles I got via room service almost every day and the five drinks I consumed at the Congo Bongo!). When I got home and weighed myself I actually LOST 3 pounds on the trip! So the point is, you can have a great time without sacrificing all that much. It just takes a little discipline, 45 minutes to an hour a day, to both enjoy your vacation AND stay fit and trim!

Phil Silberman – NSAM, CGFI


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