Fitness has always been a hot topic all over the world. With the new image of very thin models as role model for many young girls, anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders related sickness are getting more and more serious. So it’s our duty to join hands and start a new society of mental and physical fit and sane people.
Once we understand the whole concept of fitness, it’s our turn to create the basis for a fit society. Many of you wonder, “How can we stay mentally and physically fit?” Here are a few tips.
-Love yourself: you are the most beautiful person in the whole world. Nobody can say anything that can make you feel otherwise.
-Believe in yourself: you need to believe that you are strong and can be mentally and physically fit.
-Think positive: always think that you can beat any eating disorder and stay fit.
-Accept yourself: accept your body they way it is. When you love and accept yourself, society will love and accept you.
-Embrace differences: it’s ok to be different. We are usually surrounded by all different kind of people, that doesn’t mean they are all unfit or unhealthy, they are just different.
-Accept you have a problem: the first step to start fighting against an addiction or eating disorder is to accept you have a problem.
-Ask for help: your family, your friends, almost everybody that surround you are willing to help you, but they can’t do it if you don’t tell them that you need it.
-Surround yourself with happy people: by surrounding yourself with happy people, with a positive energy, your will be attracting to you happiness and positive energy.
-Reevaluate your role models: beautiful people are not those super skinny top models, but those with moral values, those who make a different in the world, those who achieve their goals by working hard and loving themselves. So they must be your role models.
-Eat healthy: you should eat all kind of vegetables and fruits to obtain the vitamins you need.
-Exercise frequently: join a gym or start daily training with a group of friends. Exercises keep you healthy, fit and happy. You can bound with people around you and create a special a sense of responsibility and discipline.
-Watch the movie “The Secret”, this is an amazing inspirational movie that will give you the strength and guide you to your mental and physical, as well as to coach you to be strong and achieve your goals.
I hope this few tips can help you understand that you are the only responsible for your fitness and happiness and that you can achieve all that that you put into your mind. You are the result of your own actions and believe.
Help others be happy, tell us: What do you do to stay mentally and physically fit?


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