How to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans!

I received a blog comment from a blogger, Josie, over at the fineandfeathered blog, about my earlier blog post "Hey Now, Hey Now, My Boyfriend's Back!" and how to style boyfriend fit jeans.

**"I've had a pair of boyfriend jeans for years now but almost never wear them! I feel like they always look so cute with heels, but I'm a little tall to wear heels too regularly, so I'm never quite sure how to make them look cute!" - Fine and Feathered blogger, Josie.

I figured it was a perfect question to create a follow-up blog post to. Since I've shown you my favorite boyfriend jeans to rock, (click here to view the jeans) I should probably show some fun ways to style them for this fall season! As you know, I love a good sexy boyfriend jean, but personally at my age, I try to always look "On Purpose" as my mom would say (not like I'm playing dress-up). So for me the best way to achieve that look while wearing boyfriend jeans is to follow two GUIDELINES! I call these two tips guidelines because if you look good NOT following them, than good for you! However, if you are just feeling frumpy in your jeans then I would follow these until you're ready to branch out.

1. Wear the jeans with a structured piece to balance your body. Just because they are called "boyfriend" jeans, doesn't mean we want the rest of our body to look like our boyfriends.

2. Wear a very feminine piece with them. From shoes, to statement necklaces we have a bunch of options for girly pieces. Heck it doesn't even have to be pink!

These two guidelines could even be one and the same thing on your look, but I find that by mixing these looks/pieces along with your boyfriend jeans, they become much more flattering and modern. No one wants to look like a bad 80's movie character.

"They're a fun laid back item to have in your closet. But if you don't wear them right, you can end up looking, let's just say, dumpy. And trust me, no one wants to look like that." -Jaycine Durnell from

Click on outfit collection to shop the looks from my Keaton Row Lookbook!

Balancing the boyfriend fit jean with a structured jacket gives off a modern look.

This look was inspired by:

Layering a feminine blouse partially tucked in, creates a flirty silhouette while still having a casual feel to complement the boyfriend jeans.

This look was inspired by:

Booties are extremely versatile, so no look can go wrong with the boyfriend jean! It's a casual fall look that's still sophisticated, and looks "On Purpose!"

This look was inspired by:

Wearing heels is an easy way to make sure you're not looking frumpy in your boyfriend jeans. They keep your curves in place and add a slimming look to the sexy-slouchy vibe.

This look was inspired by:

**This last look (below) was created for all women who are taller like Josie from or who may not be comfortable wearing heels on a regular basis. 

"When wearing a flat shoe with boyfriend jeans, I tend to wear a pointed toe, which will continue to draw the eye and give the illusion of longer legs. Perfect for shorter ladies who aren't comfortable in a heel. It is also great for ladies who are very tall and prefer adding no height. The oxford shoe will continue with an androgynous feel."

**This look was inspired by:
I hope all you lovely ladies enjoy styling your boyfriend jeans and that now you can 
confidently wear this fall trend! Don't forget to head over to my BA Star make-up blog post and enter the giveaway! Now through the 15th!


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