How to Succeed In Fitness

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Fitness is not optional!
Wow, that sounds harsh. But if that becomes your mantra, you’re chances of success will skyrocket. How many times have you said to yourself that you may or may not work out on any given day? Would you say the same thing about brushing your teeth or taking a shower? Probably not. As my cousin, a fellow fitness buff once said about exercising, ‘Once you’ve made it a choice, you’ve already lost.’ In other words, just make working out a part of your day, as important as sleeping and eating. Here are a few ways of making this way of life a reality:
1. Make a workout date with someone. If you are accountable to a friend you will be far less likely to bail.  
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2. Hire a personal trainer or join an exercise studioof some kind, such as a yoga, spinning, dance, or kickboxing facility. If you spend the money, you’ll likely feel inclined to get the most value for your dollar. Higher monetary output usually equals higher motivation. When you join such a facility or hire a trainer post their schedule of classes/personal training appointments on your refrigerator. That way every time you get something to eat or drink the notion of working out will be literally in your face.
3. Set goals. Think about where you are right now physically and where you would like to be one, three and six months from now. Write these goals down and then tape that piece of paper next to the schedule of exercise classes/PT appointments on your fridge. Read it every morning and follow it with a positive affirmation in your head, something like, “I’m going to have a great workout today,” or, “I’m going to eat really healthy today.” It might seem a little corny but positive affirmations can really help a lot.
4. Surround yourself with positive, fit people. This helps keep you motivated too!
You are important. Your health and well being is important. Make it a priority, starting right now!
Phil Silberman – NASM, CGFI
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