How Sunlight Can Help Your Depression

As I live day to day I try to think of things that may help lessen the severity of my depression.  Lately I have been making a point to try to get in at least 30 minutes of sunlight every day.  I have noticed that on the days I don’t make it outside I have a harder time fighting the lies that flow from my brain. On the days when I get a chance to soak in some rays it’s like taking a mega vitamin for my mind, I am able to fight the negativity with ease.  I had been wondering if there were any articles proving this theory of mine so of course I went to the great and powerful Google for my answer and come to find out I was right, there were TONS of links.

One of the links was for more of an indoor light box you could purchase and use every day for about 30 minutes and it’s supposed to help your brain produce more of “the good stuff” we need like serotonin.  I had heard of this from my Psychiatrist a few years ago but I knew my insurance would never pay for it so I just started trying to get more sunlight.  If you have the means to purchase one of these bad boys, I would highly suggest it. You never know, one day you may be able to be off antidepressants or at least cut down! Check out the website and see for yourself.

Here are a few links that show how lack of sunlight can lead to severe depression.

Now that it’s confirmed I want everyone to try to enjoy a little bit of sun at least once a day, I promise it will make you feel better and look better!




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