How to survive a school field trip...

When the day finally came to go on the field trip, I was joined by two other parents and eight kids to help cook these meals in the fort’s “kitchen” – which consisted of a large open fire pit and several cast iron Harry Potter-like cauldrons.  Did I mention that I was dressed in an old Russian outfit I found at Goodwill the day before?  I just love to cook over an open flame with a billowing rayon skirt – it just keeps me on my toes.


I had slept very little for at least a week prior to the trip, spending my evenings pre-chopping things and cooking all the meals I had to make to familiarize myself with the food – and I have to admit, I was kind of bitter.  I thought back on my mom’s existence and longed for the good old days when school was school and home was home.


But being there at the fort, I felt nothing but gratitude.  Of course it’s not okay that schools don’t get the money they need, but that’s the reality.  By holding onto a “I shouldn’t have to be doing all this” attitude, I wasn’t be able to see the wonderful experience I was actually having.   Sure, my mom had a ton of free time, but look what I got to do – I had an amazing experience with my son, I got to know his wonderful classmates and the other awesome parents there and I can now cook Russian food over a fire for a large group of people.  I will remember this trip forever, but will my mother remember all the free time she had?  Does she still have all the tube tops she bought or even a cursory Facebook relationship with the dry cleaner?  Let's hope not.


So I was glad to be Olga.  I was glad to be on the field trip and happy that school life and home life are no longer two separate universes.   And I was glad that a child felt comfortable enough with me to wake me up in the middle of the night to help her.


And I was really glad she didn’t throw up on me.

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