How to Sync Your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon Cycle

According to our recent poll, 99% of women menstruated on the new moon in their last menstrual cycle. That was 412 women out of 423 women who participated in the poll. Perhaps many of us are synchronizing our menstrual cycle with the moon cycle after all.

You probably have heard that in ancient times women menstruated together on the new moon and ovulated on the full moon. I’m delighted to know that the powerful connection between the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle is still very strong today.

Syncing your menstrual cycle with the moon cycle is wonderful in many ways. If you have irregular period, it’ll help to regulate it. Moreover, it’ll help you to get in touch with your natural rhythms, and live your life in harmony and in flow.

Here are some tips I’ve learned on how to synchronize your menstrual cycle with the moon cycle.


Jing Jin

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