How to Tell If Your Babysitter Even Likes Your Children

There are many things to look for in a nanny or babysitter. Finding a nanny or babysitter who actually likes children should be one of them. Here are 6 ways to tell if your babysitter actually likes children, never mind yours:

  1. Does your babysitter play with your child or does she need some prompting? A babysitter who doesn’t play with kids is probably a babysitter who doesn’t like kids. Typically, people who like children engage them through play. So ask yourself, does your babysitter play with your child?
  2. Does she seem comfortable when reading to your child or during play? People who like kids enjoy playing with them or at least look comfortable doing so. Does she smile or laugh while playing with your child or is she just going through the motions?
  3. Does she seem to prefer doing the chores? Playing with children require emotional energy. Folding the laundry doesn’t. If your babysitter seems to prefer doing the chores, it may be an indication that she doesn’t enjoy being around children and doesn’t have the emotional energy that goes along with that.
  4. Does she know the names of any children’s books or songs? This is a question I now ask during interviews. If you can’t tell me “ The Wheels On The Bus” off the top of your head, I’ll think you either have no experience playing with kids or don’t like doing so.
  5. Is your child always “in something” when she’s around like a bouncy seat, high chair, or other item that “contains” children? Again, playing with children requires energy. If your babysitter is always looking to contain your child as opposed to doing something with her, she may not be a "kid person."
  6. Does she laugh at the funny things your child does? People who like children find them amusing. People who are not as into children don’t.

And please share any additional tips you may have on how to spot a kid friendly or not so kid friendly babysitter!

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