How To...Tips For Parents Of College Students

How To… Welcome Your College Student Home

1.  Recognize that your child has been on their own so new “rules” may apply.

2. Remember noon is the new 9am, so plan your day accordingly.

3. Expect laundry BUT you may be surprised when your kids do it themselves.

4. Plan to make your kids’ favorite food or take them to their favorite restaurant – after months of dorm food they will be craving this.

5. Tastes may have expanded so check with them before stocking the refrigerator.

How To… Talk to Your College Student Before They Return To School For Spring Semester

Now that the holidays are over and your college student has caught up on their sleep you may want to really talk about how the fall semester went. Your child is well on the way to becoming an independent adult. This is a transition in all our lives – we are responsible for our kids still but they are learning to be independent. Although they may have navigated the fall semester well, each one brings a new challenge and it is good to keep the lines of communication open.

1. When the kids were young conversation seemed to always flow very freely in the car – the same still applies now. So run some errands. This is a good time to discuss grades and figure out if they were able to manage their time well. Are they still happy with their course of study or do they want to explore other areas?

2. Chat about current events – don’t always talk to them, listen to what they have to say, ask them their opinion about something. This will start to establish a long lasting relationship where you can have a give and take.

3. Don’t pepper them with questions, allow the information to flow freely. How is the social life on campus? Discuss responsible drinking and dating.

4. Make their favorite meal or take them out to their favorite restaurant. This is another neutral place where you can start to discuss plans for the summer – do they have a resume?

Enjoy the last few days or weeks with your college student home. Then pack them up, wave goodbye and go back to your pre-winter break routine.


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