How to #Travel with a Teeny Tiny Suitcase!

Given our lifestyle of frequent travel, I’ve become somewhat a pro at just grabbing things and tossing them in a suitcase.  One thing I definitely know, especially when travelling with a toddler, is that less is absolutely more!  The key to travelling with a minimum of garments is to be picky and have a wardrobe that can mix and match.  This starts long before you ever take a trip.  So here’s my go-to list for a week-end of travel!

#1:  Buy staple items in neutral colours.  It is a lot harder to mix and match with a red pair of pants, than black, navy, grey or tan.  

#2:  Let your colour show in your tops and accessories.

#3:  Don’t fret because you really, really, REALLY want people to see you in your new dress that you look absolutely fabulous in!  They don’t even know you own it, so if they won’t miss it, neither should you.  Leave it home for special occasions when not travelling.  (One exception to this would be if you are travelling for a party, wedding, etc.  There is a definite time and place for fancy!)

#4:  The key is layers.  Instead of wondering what the weather will be like, and if you should pack short or long sleeve, you do both.  You pack a cardi with a sleeveless or short sleeve blouse.

What to pack:

  • 1 neutral skirt
  • 1 neutral pant
  • 1 pair of dressy jeans for travel and an afternoon on the town!
  • 1 casual pair of shoes (wear them while traveling)
  • 1 dressy pair of shoes
  • 1 neutral handbag
  • 2 short sleeve (or sleeveless) tops – go for as much colour as you wish!
  • 2 neutral cardigans
  • 1 jacket
  • bobby pins or hair clip for fancy updos
  • add a punch of colour with jewelry
  • socks, shoes, panties, bras, nylons, slip, straightening iron and toiletries
  • and if you travel with kids, NEVER forget your swimsuit!

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