How to use the wonderful power that we all have within!

I’ve said over and over that we all have a power within us to use to be the best that we can be, to have all that we desire.  Simple, easy, these are words that we need to say over and over to access our power.  Believe that you  can have all that you want and you will.  
Once you know that you have this power deep within how do you use it to the fullest.  Let me tell you that the secret to using your power is focus.  If power is the energy source, focus is power’s instrument; a laser beam forcefully pointed at your goal.  
At first I found focusing so hard to do, my mind kept wondering away from what I wanted to focus on allowing me to focus for only a few seconds.  Then I kept pulling my focus back to where I wanted to focus my power.  Each time I practice I can keep my attention focused for longer and longer.  This is the true way to access you power.
Like anything else in life in order to be good or successful you need to practice over and over. So that is what I did, I continually practiced focusing, holding my focus each time longer and longer until I am now able to focus feeling my power pulling what I want to me!  Yes I feel so powerful with the use of focusing that I know I can achieve anything that I want by just focusing my power to move my goals to me.
Each day put aside some quite time to focus on what you want.  Don’t get discourage if at first you can only focus for a few seconds. Don’t stop just keep adding more and more time.  In no time you will be able to focus on what you want, happiness, love, health, wealth, a new job, car, I could go on and on.  Just don’t stop, don’t give up. If your mind wonders like mind, focus right back on your desire.  Keep that razor sharp focus on your prize using all your power!

Never doubt, always believe, no fear or judgment!


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