How We Met

Q: How did you and Ali meet?  Post wedding pics!! 

Please forgive me for taking pictures of our photo album...working scanners aren't as easy to come by as I thought they were!

A: Ali and I met during our final year of college. He attended UCLA and I went to USC and we were rivals!  But we didn’t let that stop us since neither of us really care a lick about football. 

We were engaged about a year after we met and despite the fact that we were 23 and had no clue what we were getting ourselves in to we got married in June of 2000.  

As tradition dictates we ate the top layer on our first anniversary. I only had a few bites because I was convinced I would get food poisoning!

Q: And what was it about him that you fell in love with? 

We had 420 of our parents' closest friends at our wedding. Ali and I knew about 5% of the guests.

A: Here is my 100% honest but shallow answer…Ali had a convertible and an unlimited budget and he spoiled me like I’d never been spoiled before.  He threw me a birthday party for a dozen friends at a rooftop restaurant 2 weeks after we met.  We hit all the best restaurants in Beverly Hills and Hollywood and splitting the bill was never even an option.  He invited me to Hawaii a few months after we met and even though my parents naturally said “no way” I was pretty excited to be invited anyway. 

My dad bought his first and only tuxedo for my wedding, and nearly a decade later I think he is still complaining about how expensive it was.

Here is my 100% honest but not-so-shallow answer…Ali sat through Great Expectations on our first Valentine’s Day even though he likely thought my preoccupation with Gwyneth was a bit scary.  He catered to my ridiculous requests like driving to In-n-Out to get me a hamburger and then driving to McDonald’s to get me fries because I couldn’t have one without the other.  He let me buy our first condo even though he had no idea where it was or what it looked like because he was working in France for 3 months before we got married.   Talk about trust!

After all these things how could I NOT have married him? 

We got married at the Regent Beverly Wilshire and after the ceremony we took pictures outside on Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd. It was pretty neat when tourists started taking pictures of us taking pictures!

Q: What does Ali see in you? 

Ali with his parents...his dad wore the same tuxedo to my sister-in-law's wedding last year and it fit perfectly!

A: Do you mean besides my obvious charm and easy-going nature?  Well, I organize his life, plain and simple.  I mean where would Ali be if I wasn’t around to remind him to take his phone and keys with him?  How would he eat if I didn’t cook for him every night?  And who else would be patient enough to field all his bizarre questions and cater to his indecisive nature?  (I just undid all the nice things I said in the previous answer, didn’t I?) 

This is the only decent picture I can find from the reception Ali's parents had the day after the wedding. In typical Ameena fashion I am no longer wearing the beautiful but extremely painful earrings my mother-in-law gave me. And in typical Mom fashion my mom appears to be rushing off somewhere!

Q: How did you know he was the one? 

We were walking down the stairs and someone stepped on my dress and it ripped. In this picture Ali is shooting an angry glare at the culprit.

A: There is no simple answer to this question but I’ll leave you with this….ask yourself if a guy would put his jacket over a puddle for you to walk over so that you don’t ruin your shoes.  If the answer is yes then I say there is a pretty good chance that he is the one. 

And just to clarify I have never asked Ali to do this but I am 100% sure that he would if I ever asked him to. 

I looked pretty crafty even back then, didn't I? It's a miracle Ali puts up with me.

Ameena Din


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