How To Ween Yourself Off Coffee

The jury is still out on coffee. Is it packed full of superhuman
antioxidants? Check. Does it make you more alert? Check. Is it a
society based ritual? Check. For most people that’s enough information.
They are happy downing six Venti lattes throughout the workday. While
science continues to chase it’s tail about whether their are
significant health risks to drinking coffee, the vast majority of peeps
drink on average 3 cups of the bean a day. All in moderation right? I
was a typical sheep until I started paying true attention to how I felt
and behaved after drinking a cup of joe. A world of endless energy
unfolded when I dropped the habit cold turkey.

Why? Because most of us are addicted to coffee. Like any other addiction, we NEED
that morning cup to make it through the day. Whether it’s the energy
jolt you crave or merely the ritual of sipping something warm while
socializing, if that cup is missed you might as well climb back in bed
because in your mind the day is shot. Wow isn’t that sad?! A substance
should not control your life. Period! Your mind and body are all you

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