How & When to place a special order

Friday’s I like to add as many freebies as I can to the site so check them out when you can. Keep in mind just because I’m showing you where and how to get free products ,if you have a large number of coupons 10 or more for a single item and your store will accept them all then you should definitely avoid clearing a shelf by calling ahead and place a special order.


How do you know if you are truly clearing a shelf? Well if there are 40 items on the shelf and you take all 40 then you’ve cleared a shelf if there are only 2 items on the shelf and you take the last two then you haven’t cleared the shelf. By placing a special order it makes your time more efficient and leaves product on the shelves for other savers. 


Placing a special order is easy. First count your coupons make sure they match the correct item on sale or in stock according to your insert or website. If you find that you could use more coupons and you’ve reached your limits, no one in your coupon swap club has any to swap then you may consider a coupon clipping website, my favorite is Coupon Dede, they are fast and I always get exactly what I ordered, always order coupons the first day of the sale to make sure that they arrive before the sale is over.


Now that you know how many coupons you will have I recommend placing your special order in person. Once you’ve established a relationship with the freight manager you can order over the phone. However always verify your order through the manager and make sure that they know you need these items before the sale ends. Give more than one number you can be reached at your home and cell this way you won’t miss the call, if they call and you don’t respond they may stock your order and not allow you to place future special orders. Do take note of the manager’s name date of arrival and don’t wait for that phone call if you know the date have your coupons in hand then on that date make a call or go directly to the store. All you have to do is grab a service member show them you information and they will either bring your order to you or lead you to where it is. Then head to check out and save. For more tips on savings and free coupons visit


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