How will THEY know???



Dads are important.  I would say....crucial even.
I've talked before about the Power of a Woman having such a huge impact in the home.  We control the mood, happiness and conflict like no one else.  We teach God's word, life skills, how to be kind and some Moms even educate their kids at home.
What about Dad?  What does he add to the home? 
Godly leadership, security, discipline, laughter???  The list could go on and on. 


One gift that Dad should give freely to his kids: Special Time with just him
Dad taking his kids on dates (one-on-one) can be wonderful for several reasons:  Great conversations, answering questions, listening to their every word.  Taking them away from home, anywhere, speaks volumes to your children that they are special, important, and worthy enough for Dad's undivided attention.
How will HE know?
 Several years ago, the hubster made the awesome decision to carve out a couple hours each week to spend with our oldest.  Since they were both fellas, they didn't want to call it a Date with Dad like I did.  "Not cool, Mom, not cool!"   OK, I relented.  
It was just Guy Time.  


At the time, our son was just beginning those early teenage years.  Interestingly these guy times, started just before a season where Captain was getting older and had his own ideas. 
Boundaries were being set and enforced by Dad---if you know what I mean.   Our son was always a clean-cut, respectful kid but the time had come when Captain America and Superman didn't always see things from the same perspective.   ;) 
Anyhoo, they enjoyed their guy time whether they had gotten along swimmingly that week or not.  Even if they couldn't see eye to eye on curfews, clothes and friends, the tradition went on with a profound message from both...."I love you and still want to spend time with you."


  Sometimes they would go out to eat, go to the gym or just work on their trucks.
 These were teachable moments.

If Dad doesn't teach him how to be a man, a leader, a father, a fixer-upper....
How will he know

Many others will gladly teach your son for you~media, friends, college professors, etc.
Not a route I would suggest....

How will SHE know?
Princess and Superman started their Date with Dad tradition as well. She has always enjoyed their time together but surprisingly she gets more giddy about it as she gets older.
Being the girly girl that she is, she begins her primping an hour or two before their lunch date.  Last Saturday as I passed her bathroom door, she had started one of those primping sessions. I walked into her bedroom to place something on her bed and this is what I found.....


Can you tell she has her sparkly sweater, jeans, necklace, bracelets, and even her purse ready to go.    Precious, right?

How else will she know how to be loved properly, cherished like a fine tea cup and treated like a Princess?   If Daddy doesn't show her....
How will she know?

Many others will be glad to tell your daughter what beauty and love is~
Another route I would not suggest.

I realize that all family dynamics are not the same.  You know what?

God is not surprised if there is not a father figure your the home.  He does however know exactly who your kids need.  Pray and ask Him to direct you to a trustworthy individual that can help you with these things--Grandfather, Male Sunday School teacher or Deacon, etc....

If you haven't committed to some one-on-one with your kids, I encourage you to start this sweet memory now no matter what their age.  Don't let this complacent culture deceive you into thinking that your children don't want or need to spend time with you. 

They may not admit it, but they do want your time and attention.

Keep investing yourself and your time into your kids ~ You won't be sorry, I promise.

Tell about YOUR ideas for investing in kids in the comments.


The How to Guru


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