How to Work on a Sixth Grade Science Fair Project: Now with ADHD!

I am saving Part III of my pet saga for Monday.

However, I do have some useful information on how you can do a sixth grade science fair project in the most impotent and exasperating way possible, in case you are interested. (How is your Saturday going?)

  1. Lose the grading rubric.
  2. Ask your mother when the completed project is due.
  3. Plaintively ask your mother what your hypothesis should be.
  4. Sharpen fourteen pencils over the course of forty-five minutes.
  5. Enter an incorrect date in your data notebook.  
  6. Start crying.
  7. Smack a wall.
  8. Go on a long walk.
  9. Give up.
  10. Repeat daily until assignment is due.

Also, here is something my six year old drew. I think it is a Playboy centerfold:

I think I'm doing a pretty good job parenting. What do you think?


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