How to write a post for NaBloPoMo...

This post was going to be about how much I appreciated Blogher featuring my post on their front page today.  I wrote a heartfelt piece on how being a part November's NaBloPoMo has changed my perception of myself from being an unemployed radio DJ, to being an unemployed DJ featured on Blogher.  I wrote that piece, then forgot to hit save.

This was around 4 pm this afternoon, I spent an hour on it, then got distracted for a couple of minutes, stepped away from the computer, and when I came back, found my husband on the computer checking football scores...I whipped through the 5 stages of grief in about 1 minute...

1.  Denial..."No...oh God no...I'm sure he just clicked on a new tab."

2.  Anger..."SON OF A !...."

3.  Bargaining...nope, skipped bargaining...plunging straight into...

4.  Depression..."son of a (sigh)...OK honey, I'm going to walk around the mall for awhile and look at things I can't afford." 

5.  Acceptance...Well, here I am at 9:37pm and I'm trying to remember what I wrote that I thought was so good...It crossed my mind that if it was that great I would've remembered some of it...It crossed my mind that one of the swear words I tossed around this afternoon was the subject of a post I wrote back in August about my favorite swear word...I thought it was the greatest thing I ever wrote on Blogher...I think about 8 people read it...

When I first heard about Blogher's  November's NaBloPoMo 30 days/30 posts challenge, I thought this will be so easy...I'm a female, which means I have an opinion on everything!  Last week I realized I wasn't as opinionated as I thought, and last Thursday morning I found myself staring at a blank computer screen with nothing to say.  I looked at the prompt that Blogher provided and nope, nothing.  Then I glanced at my calender and realized Veterans Day was this Sunday, and how thankful I was that my stepson Mark, who was a Marine for the past 7 years, was going to be home for the first Thanksgiving in years. 

My stepson Mark came to live with us after his mom moved to Minneapolis. (His mom is awesome, it's just all of Mark's friends were still here, and you know how it is when your young.)  I was raised by a dad who'd been in the Army, and was raising my kids the same way, and fully expected Mark to live by the same rules.  I didn't earn my nickname "stepmomster" for nothing...I think that was meant as a term of endearment...the nicest letter I got from my stepson shortly after boot camp is "hey, I met some drill sergeants meaner then you."   But a few years later my son is a Sergeant and now the card for mother's day says how he tells his men the same thing I use to tell him..."I know you're going to try to sneak out and drink, just remember if you do that you better be getting eaten by the mosquitos and bugs, because if I catch you, I'm gonna kick your..."   

The tribute to my son on Thursday was written from the heart, and took me about 5 minutes.  I entered it to the NaBloPoMo soup and didn't think about it until 11 pm that night when I checked to see if anyone read it (what I mean is, did more then 8 people read it).  The first thing I noticed was I had 7 comments...which I thought odd, since I didn't remember flaming anyone.  The first comment was from my friend Robin (Sunbonnet Smart--she's an incredible writer, you have to check out her post about how to grow tomatoes, with one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen of tomatoes...I'm not doing her post justice, you just have to check it out, she's a great writer)...My second comment came from Virginia (Home Reared Chef--who just wrote a featured delicious piece on Blushing Cream Roast chicken and curry pot pie)...They wrote to tell me that my post on my stepson was being featured on Blogher and I have to tell you it was such a thrill, that I stayed up until 1 am just staring at the front page of Blogher, savoring the moment. 

But the biggest thrill was hearing from other great Blogher writers (like ElaineRN, Waffle-Wednesday and SimplyRaising8) about their children in the military, serving their country.   It's a memory I'm going to cherish for a long, long time.  

There's another NaBloPoMo challenge next month...go for it!  Don't worry if you have nothing to say, just turn on your computer, and speak from your heart. 

Cindy Huber

NaBloPoMo November 2012


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