How Young is Too Young for Social Media?

How young is too young?I posted this entry on my blog earlier this week and we continued the conversation over on Facebook. Now I am not a mother (yet), but I do recognise the dangers which kids can face and the fears which parents will have towards anything, and for this discussion, towards social media and generally technology. You give a kid a cell phone, and if it's one with all the bells and whistles, you have to be worried about the type of stuff that he may receive or God forbid, create and send. Here in Trinidad and Tobago, we have had a few stories of kids making sex tapes using mobile phone technology and then selling their "short films" to make money within the school system. I am sure this is not unique to us either.


Now with Facebook and social networking sites, we have to contend with groups that can be easily created to facilitate online bullying or provocative video or photos and the list goes on.


Parents, how young is too young for your child to be using social media, or is it a broader issue of parental and administrative responsibility to protect our kids from the hidden dangers of these new media?


The blog post can be found here. Would love your comments.