How Is Your SIncerity Working for You?

Dear All:

As the rainbow's path begins and the "baby girl pink" flowers smile to themselves, I question the depths of sincerity and the ramifications we place on ourselves.

What is the point of anything if we are not sincere? Because if I am sincere then, 1) I am truthful 2) I am sorry 3) I love you 4) I forgive you 5) I meant what I said 6) I apologize for the misunderstanding 7) thank you 8) my thoughts mirror my actions 9) I was wrong and 10) you were right!


  • How is your sincerity working for you today?
  • Do you glare at others with your actions?
  • "Often individuals whose opinions do not correspond with their words cannot help but reveal their true thoughts in actions."--OM (I have had multiple retweets on Twitter)

If we are able to enjoy this season's parade while understanding the purpose of sincerity, then nothing can go that wrong right?

Let's pray for the women, children and animals that need our determined protection at all times!

Love and Sincerely,

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