HP TouchSmart 320 Blogger Reviews & Sweeps

Check out the new HP TouchSmart 320 and enter to win one for your family!

The ever-evolving HP TouchSmart series has been redesigned to be more impressive than ever. The HP TouchSmart 320 PC with AMD VISION technology combines innovative touch technology with cutting-edge, all-in-one design. Perfect for every family, the result is a touch PC you'll want to get your hands on.

With a sleek all-new profile, the freestanding HP TouchSmart 320 will have you using multi-touch gestures such as pinch, rotate, arc, flick and press & drag to access information and entertainment in a more effortless and interactive way. Your family will experience endless entertainment with a range of built-for-touch apps and enjoy smooth playback of favorite videos or online content with AMD’s VISION technology.

Want to win one for your family? Now you can! HP has partnered with five bloggers to give the HP TouchSmart 320 a try, use it with their kids, and report back. Read on to learn about our bloggers' real life experiences and be sure to enter to win! Can't wait for the sweepstakes? You can also buy your own now at HP Direct for just $599.99! Also, follow @HP on Twitter and like HP's Facebook for the latest updates!

The BlogHer HP TouchSmart 320 sweepstakes runs from November 14, 2011 to December 16, 2011 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. One winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries across the participating blogs.  Click here for official rules.  Good luck!

I could give 320 reasons why we are loving this computer!

We have a new friend in our home. She is sleek, skinny, and stylish with a beautiful profile. She has no extra baggage or wires, vibrant coloring, and she unleashes my kids' creativity with the touch of a finger. She helps get homework done and plays beautiful music. She is super efficient and can multi-task like none other. If she folded laundry, she could probably be nominated for sainthood. What did we ever do without her??...more

The kids were so excited!

The computer has touch-screen capabilities which I always forget to use because I am old, but which makes it really kid friendly. It has a built-in webcam and really smooth video playback because of AMD's VISION technology.  The kids loved discovering they could take weird pictures of themselves; I have found many of those in my Picasa files.  It is also pretty, which means more than anything right? A nice big 20" screen-just two pieces, one cord, no clutter.  I love that....more

All your favorite recipes are at your fingertips.

The screen can tilt 45 degrees for best viewing quality and has a built-in webcam for those Skype chats with grandparents and cousins who are in lands far away.   You can also enjoy DVDs or the TV tuner features with the smooth, clear picture thanks to AMD’s VISION technology.There is also a selection of HP TouchSmart apps you can use, such as the recipe app! Ryan and I will most certainly be utilizing that one.  All your favorite recipes are at your fingertips.  We tend to look up a lot of our favorite recipes on the computer these days anyway....more

I wanted to announce to the world that I'd set up a computer ALL BY MYSELF.

What I saw was a gorgeous, slim, flat screen and another very small box containing a wireless keyboard and a mouse.And, GET THIS, one small page of instructions that basically said, "PLUG IT IN."The nice folks at HP had scheduled a call to help me set it up, and I'd already felt sorry for them several times because they had no idea what they were about to deal with. But I was feeling brave and emboldened by the simple directions and set up instructions, so I plugged it in.  LO AND BEHOLD, it was just that easy....more

The HP TouchSmart 320 is so versatile! Now if only it would wash the dishes!

Wow, was I wrong at how impressed they would be with the touch screen!  I wish I would have caught my three year old daughter on video when she exclaimed, "You can click it with your finger?  That is so COOL!"They have had free range for the past week to explore all of the fun features.  They have used the webcam to talk to their dad, who travels for work, experienced games on their favorite sites in a new way, played a little too much Angry Birds, created slideshows with their pictures, and doodled masterpieces on the magic canvas. ...more