HR Blogging Policy

Recently at work (the company name shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons) a new HR policy was emailed out regarding blogging. The basics are don't blog at work unless you register your blog. The less subtle and more "big brother" part was basically "if you blog about us and we find out and it is negative you will be fired, this include chat rooms, IM's etc" This sounds totally crazy to me.

Anybody else experience this at work? I decided to stop posting during my lunch break, because I don't want to register my blog with the company. I don't usually post about my job, sometimes I do only because I need to vent. Now I am worried about what I have written in the past and am frustrated that I have to be more careful than I already am.

I posted this by accident on the blog posts section. I meant to write about it here as I am interested to know if anyone has had a similar policy at their work place.




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