HTC at BlogHer 2011

HTC is thrilled to be joining this year’s BlogHer Conference. Throughout the weekend, we have some big things in store:

HTC Quietly Brilliant Lounge: Swing by our HTC Lounge (Suite #32B) to check out the latest gadgets from HTC, recharge with one of three ultra-relaxing spa treatments and enjoy a fresh beverage and snack. And for all you blog-o-holics, we’ll have Wi-Fi and HTC tablets available so you can grab a seat and kick back while posting the latest happenings to your site. That’s what we call quietly brilliant.

HTC Insight Meet-ups: HTC prides itself on creating devices and services for you and inspired by you. We want to hear what you love about your smartphone, what you would improve, and, if you could design the perfect phone, what would it include? To thank you for your brainpower, we’ll encourage you to drop by the Quietly Brilliant Lounge for a massage. To sign up, please email us at

BlogHer Voices of the Year presented by HTC: Because bloggers like you inspire us all year round, we want to give back. We’ve added in a few surprises and delights throughout the Community Keynote event, and we look forward to having you join us!

The HTC Innovator Award: A brand-new addition to the VOTY awards, HTC is celebrating groundbreaking bloggers with a new award. The entry period is now over, but make sure to attend the VOTY Community Keynote, where we’ll announce the award winner. The winner will take home an HTC smartphone, and an HTC Flyer and Scribe that’s perfect for blogging on the go.

The BlogHer Voices of the Year Reception: We’re taking this reception up a notch – to full-on party. Sip mojitos and get down to the mix of the amazing DJ Pesche as you mingle with the “who’s who” of blogging after the Community Keynote.

HTC Honors the Voices of BlogHer
HTC is inspired by the stories and community of BlogHer, where so many important blogger contributions are heard and celebrated. In response, we would like to highlight a handful of untold stories we’ve stumbled upon in our own journey toward BlogHer. Look for HTC at the Voices of the Year keynote where more amazing and moving stories will come to light!

Charlene Chronicles

What motivated you to start Charlene Chronicles and with all the work involved, what has kept you blogging?
I love discovering new things and sharing the 'finds'. I also like discovering new and innovative ways of using products. My blog started when I was looking to share the changes in my life. While I had been published in trade journals and had written laws for years, it was only when I was laid off late last year, I decided to make my blogging a career focus. It is my focus because I love the rapid innovation in social media. Learning about new products, new companies, new people and new strategies. It may be a frustrating 'career' choice, but it is not boring! Plus, I love being able to apply my knowledge of new products to my life as a mom, a wife and as a work-at-home parent. As my tagline states, I'm never at a loss for words, but writing is only one focus. I love the expansion into vlogging and live streaming. I have launched a new UStream show called Social Toast, which focuses solely on tech and social media uses, and my YouTube Channel is growing as well. My 'words' are now written and spoken! Both are great compliments to Charlene Chronicles with its fitness, fashion, and parenting product focus. 

Is there a blog post that you remember having especially fun time writing or a favorite blog post?
I had fun writing a recent post about the new labeling of Massachusetts as the least friendly and worst dressed state. As a long time Massachusetts resident, it was fun to poke fun at oneself. However, the one blog post that I wrote one year ago is my favorite because it was my first synergistic blog post that combined technology and parenting. It had to do with Foursquare, which was a new comer (even just a year ago!) to the market.  

Do you use mobile tech currently to blog? If so, how?
I don't use my smartphone but I do like to use tablets, at times. Tablets are great because it can be in my bag at all times and if I am stuck somewhere, I can start outlining or drafting a blog post. It is not always conducive because WiFi can be spotty or require a fee to use, and it is hard to include images unless you know HTML well. I haven't found an app that I love to help with blog posting so I have to use the internet function to 'log-in'. Then I worry about security exposure on WiFi. <Sigh> 

What functionality do you wish your phone had that would enhance your blogging/life?
With regard to my life, being able to hand my phone to my toddler and not worry about anything getting deleted or him pressing buttons that rearranges apps or logs him out from a game/entertainment application. I would love the map/gps function on my phone to talk to me too. So I don't always have to look down at the map while trying to drive at the same time. From a blogging perspective, I wish there was some video editing capability within the phone, but more importantly for me, the capability of adding external mikes and lights for higher quality video capture.  

You mention in your post that social media has become a "way of life" for you. What are your favorite mobile tools for updating your friends on the go? Which mobile applications do you use the most?
I always use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare apps, without fail, every day of the week. Apps that I use to entertain my toddler are different though! He currently loves LeapFrog Scout's ABC Garden and Peek-a-boo Barn, though we are looking for new ones that have the function of 'locking him in" (or locking him out depending on how you look at it.) 

Part of your blog is dedicated to highlighting local family activities. Do you use a paper map, your phone's map service or GPS to reach these destinations?
I always use my phone's map service to get me to where I need to go. Love it and it is always with me even if I am in a different car or traveling. With all the things I need to take with me, with a husband, a toddler and three dogs, it is nice not to have to remember to bring a separate GPS device with me.

Health and fitness are focal points of your blog. Do you have any favorite mobile applications that help you in these arenas?
There are a lot of fitness/health apps out there and I love a lot of them for different reasons. Some top iTunes ones I recommend are:

  • I love Pocket Yoga [$2.99]. It is a great yoga app with lots of yoga poses and series for a great yoga session
  • Nike Boom is a fun, free app the syncs your music to your workout pace. 


Carissa Rogers

What motivated you to start GoodNCrazy? With all the work involved, what has kept you passionate and inspired to blog?
Wow, this is a long story. In the interest of saving you a lot of boredom… 

About 4 years ago I had this brilliant idea that I would start a local website for my small suburban town. (We’d call it a hyper-local site now!) And I gave it a brave try. And I failed miserably. My designer at the time suggested I ‘add’ a blog on the side. I said, ‘a what?’ I soon figured out…  I began reading a bunch of blogs and after about 6 months my sister-in-law announced that she had created her own blog.

I was all Oh Heck No. If she can figure this out, then I CAN! 

I liked the website title ‘’. It’s from a Sondheim musical, see, I am from a huge family and I thought it fit so well since we are Good yet Crazy. However… you find out super quickly that a long name like that gets very old, very quickly. I shortened it to 

And it works perfectly for my good AND crazy world.

We read over your favorite blog posts. What sets one blog post apart from the others for you? What was it about these posts that made them so fun/inspirational/fulfilling to write?
I think my post about living thru 9-11 from the stay at home mom perspective is one of those posts that is ‘not like the others’.  I wrote it several years after 9-11 and it still resonated with people who commented from as far away as Australia! 

Other types of posts that I’m inspired to keep on writing have to do with my children. I’ve officially moved on to parenting ‘older’ kids, and everything from travel to restaurants are a whole new world for us!

What's your favorite auto-correct on text or email?
MY NAME! I don’t have a very standard name and it drives me nuts to have to keep correcting it. I love that it is corrected once and that’s the end.

Do your children use your phone to play games or keep occupied?
Hello. Doesn’t everyone do this? In the Doctor’s office is my favorite place to hand over my phone to the kiddo to keep ‘em quiet. And I’m all excited to be working with on a new app that will help corral your kids inside the app to play games and NOT accidentally dial someone, or log onto Facebook! LOVE that.

How do you currently use mobile technology to blog?
Other than ‘micro-blogging’ via Twitter believe it or not I don’t? In fact this made me think.. oh duh? I bet there is an app for Wordpress that would make my travel posts a lot easier. Hold on while I look that up… 

What functionality do you wish your phone had that would enhance or streamline the blogging process?
I’d love it if my phone automatically made all blogs super easy to read on the teeny tiny screen. I get a Facebook update from a friend about an article and I click only to be unable to read it until later.


Veronica Armstrong
Crunchy VT Mommy

Is there a blog post that you remember having an especially fun time writing or a favorite blog post?
I had a fabulous time writing this post. I used to love those Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercials and would giggle like a crazy person whenever one came on. It took me much longer than it should have to write this post because I was laughing at myself the entire time. 

What is the funniest thing one of your children has said or done?
I have a two year old son I call Pweezy and a ten month old daughter I call Cmoney. They are usually wrestling over snacks. Last week Pweezy informed me and his sister that: Baby don't eat goldfish. Baby eat 'nimples'! He is right. A child her age really shouldn't be eating goldfish but why did he have to bring 'nimples' into it? : )

In your blog, you seem constantly on the go with outdoor fun, weddings and play dates. What are your go-to tools for capturing these experiences in-the-moment?
My husband begins a rigorous MBA program in one month so we have been packing our schedule with activities to make the most of our time together. I am never without my Canon EOS Rebel T3 or my Canon Powershot SX130IS. I look like the stereotypical mom blogger. My face is always hidden behind a camera which is fine since I am usually partially covered in bacon grease anyway. I love capturing my family enjoying the outdoors. 

Who would you like to interview on your blog, living or deceased?
Benjamin Franklin would be my choice for a fantasy blog interview. I am fascinated by Ben both as a New Englander and as a woman. I want to know why he had so many lady friends? He probably had the best gossip. He wasn't the best looking dude yet the French women were crazy about him. There has to be something magical about him. He was thrifty, creative, and brilliant and I am sure he would help me with some sort of awesome crafty tutorial. 

What is your dream gadget?
My current dream gadget is an HTC Flyer. I am curious about the Android operating system and have grown weary of my iPad's lack of Flash support. I love having the option to use a stylus too. Brilliant.