I Don't Want To Be Icarus, I Just Want To Touch People

Blogging can be exciting. Especially if you create a huge following and make a living doing it. A lot of bloggers do not, however, have a ton of readers (including me) but that doesn't keep me from writing, connecting and submitting posts as often as I can.

Some bloggers want to touch the sun. They strive to get that huge awesome following of readers. It feels AMAZING to have people read your writings. It can be addicting. I can make you lose sight of why you started in the first place (unless your reason is to be The Bloggess ) You can easily become Icarus, who tried to fly to the sun.

Borrowed from Wikipedia:

The main story told about Icarus is his attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea where he drowned. ..........both are usually taken as tragic examples of .......failed ambition—and is often depicted in art.

So, I'll break down the metaphor: "Crete" could be the average, normal blogger life. Interpret that anyway you want.  It's not 40,000 page views or more. Using wings meant to fly (which works fine) but not meant to be close to heat duh could be seen as a blogger trying other means to get readers other than their writing. It can come back to hurt you or kill your blog. Case in point...

The mom blogger who wrote the "pink headband" story. It was reprinted on HuffPost, a very popular online news magazine. It went viral. She received thousands of page views and emails. Unfortunately, it's possible that it wasn't true. This story is still under investigation and it has not been proved to be untrue but if it is, this could be a good example of wearing wax wings. Her site is down and her FB page is shut off while an investigation is currently going on with the police about her accusations about being attacked in public and threats to her and her family based on her post. This...is her sun.

I wonder everyday what type of blogger I want to be known for. Funny, emotional, real.... Maybe different facets to my posts means I'm everywhere with my writing and what I post. I just want readers. But I want readers for writing something that people feel is truly relatable. When they read my words, they think I'm a person they want to shoot the shit at a Starbucks with. I touch them with my humor or my parenting stories. My emotions. My feelings.

I also don't want to be just the "any" blogger. I want to be the one you don't forget to check in on. What happened next with my kids. What did those crazy baby bots do now.

But, I don't want to wear wax wings. I'm afraid of the heat if I try to wear them. I'd be thrilled to have 40,000 page views but I'm a realist. I know I'm not there yet. And, frankly, I'm kinda scared to be there. If one person says that they read my blog for the "realism", I've hit the blogger jackpot.

Because it's what I set out to do.




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