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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is

We need to accept the fact that we can’t expect social media to be free forever. Fortunately in the case of Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts, it’s a fairly inexpensive advertising cost, which makes it worth at least trying out.

Both Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts let you choose your budget, which is based on your area, your industry, and your desired scope of reach. You can choose as much or as little to spend, and stop the ads or posts at any time. My personal plan is to do what I have outlined above, and promoting my most excellent post, for example, the post I write about this article. I also plan on investing in targeted ads to see where it leads.

Putting some dollars behind your product is one of the best ways to show your fan base and potential customers that you believe in your product or service. Think about it, how can you convince someone to put dollars into your product or service when you won’t even do it yourself? Try it out, and analyze your return on investment. It just might be worth it in the long run.

Marketing and advertising is about research, engagement, evaluation, and modification. We have to be prepared to accept new obstacles, including re-thinking our marketing and advertising budget.

The bottom line: Being engaging, using visual aids, catering to your fan base, and putting some dollars behind your product will result in more clicks, better ranking, more views.

How do you plan on making Facebook work for you?


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