The Facebook page for couples being debated on Internet



The social network will offer its users “couple” to unite their profile in a dedicated page. An initiative that raises many questions on Internet.

Facebook intrudes a little bit more in the privacy of its users. On 8 November, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of a next page dedicated exclusively to users with a status of “couple”.

Users will no longer be able to satisfy lovers displaying their status on Facebook. From “single” to “it’s complicated”, those who reported being another “couple” will soon have their own “love Timeline.” To merge the information related to the relationship, the couple all activities on the social network will be listed. Both partners are identified “couple”, will, in addition to their respective profiles, automatically associated to a common page. At present, the social network did not specify how to avoid the creation of this page. No longer identify “in a relationship” with his partner seems the only solution.

Facebook prefers to speak of a new look pages “friendship” which will integrate the format “Journal.” These “friendship pages” include the interaction between two friends on the network. They are accessible on your friends’ profiles from the tab “View friendships.” Again, no details are released by Facebook on the appearance and setting of this page. It will be possible to control the information on such a personal history. To view his diary future love, he must go to the following address: This link works if they have filled out the name of his partner.

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