Hubby Update - Clinical Trials

Yesterday Hubby and I met with Dr. Naing at the Clinical Center for Targeted Therapy (CCTT) at MD Anderson. This is the Phase 1 Clinical Trials Clinic.

Hubby does qualify for one of the current Clinical Trials going on right now. We were given our very own binder full of information about the clinic and to keep Hubby’s paperwork in. The trial is pretty straightforward involving 2 pills daily for a 3 week cycled. After 2 cycles another PET scan will be done to check to see if the tumors are shrinking or at the very least not growing any more.

Dr. Naing reiterated that there is no cure or remission; just a prolonging of life and the quality of life.

Now we are waiting on insurance approval. Assuming Aetna approves the trial Hubby is good to go. If not, then Dr. Naing resubmits and pushes for the approval. Please pray that the insurance approval is a smooth process. The drugs in the study are already FDA approved, just being used for alternate purposes than originally designed.

The Clinical Trial is MDACC Study Summary 2010-0588 for basic information about the trial, the drugs used, etc.


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