The Hubster Crochets?!

I grew up with an incredibly crafty grandma. She was talented beyond the norm. If there was a craft out there worth trying, she tried it and nine out of ten times, she rocked it. I always aspired to be like her and try new things. Now in my thirties, married and a mohter of a 2.5 yr old and another on the way, I'm realizing the balance and serenity crafting brings to ones life. Now I am by no means an expert crafter! A few weeks ago I decided t opull out my crochet book and hook, and as motivation, buy some really pretty yarn at the craft store. I finished my first dishcloth the other day and have now moved on to a bigger project - an afghan! It may take months to finish, but Im still riding on the pride from the dishcloth in hopes the afghan will turn out just as lovely.

I didnt realize that not only is crocheting relieving my stress - Im 6 months pregnant and my tot just had eye surgery for strabismus, its bringing my husband and I closer together. He is crocheting too! No one beleives it. My hubby is the stocky, hairy, athletic build with 2 degrees in engineering. He can build anything and turned our yard into a gorgeous centerpiece. Hes not afraid to get dirty, loves his beer and football, and all I have to do is bend over to hear a comment about my cleavage. But he is also very loving, compassionate and sensitive. Though I cant always see it (would love some romance!) he does things for me that are romantic in their own way. He helps out with the tot, helps cook and clean, and sometimes just tells me to go if I need some alone time. And now he sits with me in the evenings on the couch crocheting with me. He made our daughter a snow hat (with no pattern I might add) and is now working on a koala bear for her. Some may find us getting old, and even though I would rather be tangled up in the sheets with him, my body and libido are not allowing it right now. He hasnt complained about it, just supports me. So ladies, open your mind to crafting and include the hubby!


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