Huckleberry Stew

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I'm Heather Flynn. Welcome to my stew!

I'm a twenty-something newly-wed, medical assistant, aspiring cake decorator/seamstress/writer.

I'm the oldest of four children, raised in a middle-class Latter-day Saint home in Washington state. I attended college in Utah, where I also met and fell in love with a fellow Washingtonian. Now I'm back in the Evergreen state where my husband and I are living the joys of newly-weddom in Ellensburg, while going to school.

I hope you'll take some time and enjoy yourself here. Huckleberry Stew is my conglomeration of thoughts, stories, recipes, pictures, and projects. I write about my daily adventures and childhood memories. I disclose my tales of romance and my mishaps. In the Cooking section I share the recipes I love and the cakes I decorate.  Maybe I'll add more sections as I go, but that'll do for now.