Blogging About Motherhood

Huggies and BlogHer invited ten bloggers to share their experiences of motherhood - from before and after delivery to baby products to body changes to maternity clothing to baby development.

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 Baby Development/Due Date

Finding Out I Was Pregnant

Maternity Clothing

Emotions and Pregnancy

All About the Baby Nursery

Baby Registry

What Do I NOT Need

Involving Dad in the Pregnancy

Preparing Older Child(ren) for a New Sibling

Having a Pet and a Baby

The Week Before Delivery

Bringing the Baby Home

What Mom Needs Most After Delivery

The Week After Delivery

Baby Naming Stories

Dwell on the Diaper Bag

Changing a Newborn

Getting & Dealing with Advice

Schedules & Time Management
Traveling Near & Far

Baby Carriers - Do I Need One?

Choosing a Pediatrician

Best Advice from Our Pediatrician

Beat the Heat/Tips for Keeping Baby Cool

Bonding with Baby

Things Your Mom Didn't Think About (aka How Things Change)

Cool How-To Guides (and Other Misc. Advice)

Tips and Tricks on Getting Baby to Sleep

Tips and Tricks on Swaddling

Advice on Baby's First Holiday Season

Most Memorable Firsts