Human Addiction to Pornography

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The deepest looks into the intmacy of other human beings, I believe, is a subject of common intrigue. We watch romantic films, read romance novels, and try to imagine ourselves in the arms of the attractive protagonist. Where, however, does this obsession jump to a level of perversion and deviancy? It seems to be a fine line we true to walk. We hide what our natural desires might be for the fear of being cast out as a pedophile or sick individual. With pornographic films, one might say we can simply view these images and graphic films and learn feed and then hold back these feelings. I don't know if this can be true, but it's a delicious debate to have.

Since the seventeen hundreds, writers have written about the pleasures of giving into your desires, no matter how over-the-top they might be. This is especially true with French writer The Marquis De Sade, who wrote some of the most violent and wild pornographic stories I personally have ever come across. His worked was both loved and shunned during his lifetime to the point where he was kept hidden away in prisons and insane asylums throughout France. Some even said his works had the power to ignite acts of rape and murder to those who read his work.

This is history, but it's a history which has been forgotten by many, until modern story tellers and filmakers have taken hold of it and simply told the facts as they were written. "We Eat. We Shit. We Fuck. We Kill. And We Die." The Marquis De Sade wasn't the first, and certainly not the last to find away to express himself through the ways of sex and physical appetites.The 1940s marked the most famous forms of porngraphy with the classic shots of pinups for the brave men who fought for our country. They could have their cataclysmic release and continue to fight without the pent up sexual frustration, though some might say this tension may have been just what a good fighter needs to survive (debatable though).


Times Square 1982
Image: Bob K via Flickr

Soon after came the still-popular magazines like PlayBoy and Penthouse. Both of them starting with the classier look of naked women, then further down the line began to push the envelope with less clothes, more exposure, and the higher pay of sexual gradification. As this acceptance increased, so did the hunger for more, now porn is more over the top with more extreme acts of sex then one can even dream of. Is this a good change? Is a bad change? Many are still arguing these questions.

Are porn stars just glorified prostitutes, or are they actual human beings who maybe once tried to be entertainers but become themselves victims of circumstance? I'd like to think they are victims. In interviews with several different pornstars, maybe eight out of ten confessed to being the victims of sexual molestation. Overshadowed by the judgments of many, this is a truth that's forgotten more so than not. 

The porn industry is now a million dollar industry with millions of viewers and consuming who need the sight of a woman being destroyed sexually in order to "get off" himself. But it isn't just men as most might think; women are some of the main viewers of porn, for many different reasons. Always being told to be nice girls growing, porn might make them feel empowered to do things in the bedroom which might blow the minds of their lovers. Others might want to look like the women in the films and pictures, with their plastic breasts and well trimmed bodies. Some women might just want the escape, the feeling of an orgasm that knocks them to their feet and renders them speechless; something a man, or another woman, might not be able to provide for them. Whatever the reason is, women are watching porn too and are just as obsessed with it as the men who watch it.

The obsession will never end, not in my opinion. If anything, porngraphy will build up and on until the makers of it find the ultimate ways to defy the ways of sexual gravity. It will quite the thing to see as the years passed. Will it be beneficial, or will it crumble our clean cut suburbia of a nation? Only time will tell.


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