Human Resources: Stress Management Policies

If you are an HR professional, it’s a part of your job to make sure the employees of the organization for which you work remain productive and efficient. Devising policies and taking initiative to keep their stress levels to a minimum is an essential component of ensuring the efficiency level of the employees stays up to the mark. However, it is also a well-acknowledged fact in business circles that a little stress is essential in order to get peak performance out of employees. The vital question for HR professionals, therefore, is how to ensure stress levels in the organization do not rise too far above the required minimum. As we know, more does not equal better when referring to stress.

Office politics, harassment, intense work pressure and negative relationships with colleagues or managers are some of the most common causes of excessive stress in the workplace. While discord, politics and work pressure are inevitable by-components of working on a team, as an HR professional your job is to ensure these problems do not become unmanageable.

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